Goodbye to my old car

I always remember the pictures my family took when we sold our first family car, a Datsun which was non air con in the early 1980s.

So I decided I am going to do the same with my first car. My first car has served us faithfully for more than 8 years since I got in on 14 Feb 2007. It was a gift from my dad. And I saw it as a sweet blessing of love from my Heavenly Father too. That it was registered in Valentine’s Day makes it really precious too. It has seen us through many wonderful times and holds many memories. From single to married to having one kid and now 2. From carrying just me, to ivan and me, to having one carseat and now carrying 2 carseats. I have driven it to 4 workplaces since 2007 and It has been with me for all the 3 jobs I have had. So much has happened in the span of 8 years.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to our trusty grey Toyota vios. It has served us well. It has never given us any major problems. Been through one accident, a couple of scratches and knocks. Time to say goodbye. Will always fondly remember it and the memories I had with it.




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