Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 3

We started off our morning in Albany by having breakfast at Kate’s Place. It is a quaint cafe that serves really good breakfast. Absolutely love the poach eggs and the mushroom toast we had! Oh and I am no bacon lover but I really love the bacon here in Australia!

IMG_6432_fb IMG_6439_fb IMG_6448_fb IMG_6464_fb IMG_6468_fb IMG_6470_fb

After a hearty breakfast, we proceeded for our sight seeing. First stop – Brigg Amity. We spent the morning getting a glimpse at the history of Albany. The Brigg Amity was a ship that brought in the early settlers to Albany. We explored the ship and toured the museum too.

IMG_6499_fb IMG_6504_fb IMG_6516_fb  IMG_6528_fb IMG_6538_fb IMG_6631_fb IMG_6643_fb IMG_6665_fb IMG_6679_fb IMG_6686_fb IMG_6711_fb

Spent the afternoon at Discovery Bay. Had a tour of the whaling house. Really gory but whaling is part of Albany’s history. Explored another ship, Cheynes IV, that was used for whale chasing. Whaling was really a big industry for Albany in the early 20th century.

IMG_6724_fb IMG_6758_fb IMG_6767_fb IMG_6821_fb


IMG_6834_fb IMG_6846_fb IMG_6857_fb IMG_6874_fb  x

And our final stop – The Wind farm. This was definitely the highlight of the day. It so happened that we went at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. Also saw a full rainbow for the first time which took my breath away. What a feast for our eyes! Felt amazed at the beauty of God’s creation and a reminder of His promises.

IMG_6914_fb  IMG_6922_fb IMG_6932_fb IMG_6936_fb

After that proceeded back to our apartment to cook dinner. Menu for tonight: Chicken pasta!


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