Eefu noodles

My mother-in-law gave me some Ee fu noodles, so I have been experimenting with this dish. The first time we had it with some roast goose which a relative brought back from Hong Kong. It definitely goes very well with the roast goose. However, I think I didn’t add enough sauces when cooking the noodles, hence the colour looked a bit off. Nonetheless, the taste wasn’t too bad.

The second time, the noodles was more successful. This time, I only had some chicken wings at home, so I marinated and baked them to go with the noodles. I must say that they go so much better with the goose. It probably goes quite well with duck too. Actually, I can’t quite tell the difference between the 2. It was my first time having goose and it tasted similar duck to to me.

Here’s how I cooked the noodles – instructions from my mother-in-law. Don’t know the specific amount of sauce to add! Just trial and error and try to balance them!!
Ingredients: Serves 2 adults and a kid

1) Ee fu noodles

2) 4 cloves of garlic

3) Shitake mushrooms

4) Bean sprouts

5) Cai Xin

6) Meat – duck meat/chicken

7) Light soya sauce

8) Duck Soya sauce

9) Oyster sauce

10) Sesame oil

11) Pepper

1) Boil the ee fu noodles. Drain and run through tap.

2) Prepare sauce mixture – Mix some oyster sauce, light and dark soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper and water.

3) Fry the garlic in sesame and vegetable oil

4) Add mushrooms, cai xin, beansprouts and meat and stir for a few minutes.

5) Add in the noodles and sauce.

6) Stir and simmer for a few minutes.

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