Cycling is our latest family hobby. At the end of last year, Daniel learnt to cycle on his own 2 wheeler bike. At the same time, we decided to invest in foldies. Thought it would be a fun way to keep fit too. It has been about 5 months since we have gotten the bikes. So far, we have gone on less cycling trips than we would have loved too. Life can get busy and weekends are so precious. Weekends are usually taken up by church, ministry, Daniel’s art lesson, getting Daniel to do some learning activities/practise his piano, catching up with chores, meeting up with friends for a meal, family celebrations…..and if there is nothing on that weekend, we do try to bring the kids out for some kind of outing – one of which could be cycling 🙂

Daniel is really riding quite well now and is able to keep up with us mostly. Am so proud of him! He learnt how to cycle quite quickly 🙂 So Daniel will ride his own bike. Ivan takes Ezra with him on the childseat on his bike. I tried but not skillful enough, cannot ride with a baby!

So far, we have not been to many places. Sometimes, we go to Changi beach and my sister, Adora joins us. She is our main cycling kaki! Once, we also joined the kids’ godpa and godma, and our dear friends Jian Quan and Angeline for their regular Sunday cycling/walking exercise at East Coast.

However, it can be quite tiring and time-consuming loading up 3 bikes and kids onto car and drive out somewhere to cycle. So sometimes, it is easier to just cycle around our neighbourhood. However, during weekends, even though our Tampines is bicycle town, it can get quite crowded and we have to navigate through a lot of pedestrians who share the pavements/path too. Our latest trip, with my sister was cycling to Bedok Reservoir from our home. We made it to Bedok Reservoir, but had to turn back as we started off a bit too late and it was getting dark and approaching dinner.

Hope to be able to explore more places on our bikes! One of the places I hope to go is Coney Island!


Daniel’s reward after working hard at learning to cycle!


The kids looking adorable in their cycling gear!


Managed to cycle from Fort Rd all the way to Gardens by the Bay!


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