Art and Craft

Art and craft has never been one of my strengths. On the other hand, I have always struggled with it and really admire people who can draw effortlessly and create all sorts of creative craft pieces. However, when you have kids, art and craft is unavoidable as this seems to be one of the key ways they learn. In Children’s Church, many of the lessons include craft work too. Thankfully, now with the internet, a lot of ideas can be googled.

In the past few months, Daniel seems to have developed quite an interest for art and craft activities. This could have been delayed possibly due to my lack of interest in art and craft and have never developed him much in this area. But recently, Daniel has been doodling and drawing a lot. We started sending him for simple art lessons at the CC so that he can develop his interest in art. So he has been exploring with paint, markers, crayons etc. Interestingly, he likes drawing with a ruler for some reason. I also gave him a sketchbook to draw in so that he would not be drawing on bits and pieces of paper.

Besides drawing, he also had this origami craze the last few weeks. He could spend hours just folding paper stuff. He can even follow the instructions and attempt on his own for some of the simple origami.

Last week, I bought a box of beads from Ikea for him to do fusion bead craft. So happened that he was down with high fever this week and could not go to school and this has been keeping him busy at home!

I really do so enjoy seeing him find something that he loves to do. And I am also learning to enjoy doing  them. I must say they can be a lot of fun and helps to develop creativity and a range of interests. Craft can aid in learning as well. So now, I am on a look out for more craft activities for kids to enjoy!


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