The little bubs is growing up

It seems like just yesterday when I was still expecting Ezra. And he just turned 18 months this month! Kids really do grow up so quickly, especially at this early stage of their life. It’s like they don’t stay the same way they are for long and are constantly growing and changing. One moment they can’t walk yet and a few weeks later you are chasing after them. So thankful that with the camera and videos, their growing moments can be captured and remembered. Some lovely pics and memories of the bubs growing up this past one and a half years.



First bites

Bumbo and toilet seat

Outdoor playIndoor playground fun

Celebrating birthdays

Nov 2016: Celebrating Ezra’s 1st birthday and Daniel’s 5th birthday. My babies are growing up so quickly!


18 month old Ezra. So thankful to God for watching over him and that the baby is growing well!





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