My first Corelle dinnerware set

It has all along been my dream to own a set of Corelle. This is especially so after my parents got their own set after moving to their new place 2 years back. Back then, they bought a set. The design was warm pansy which also happens to be my favourite design! Finally decided to make my dream come true by purchasing a set at the Robinson’s Private sale this month! I am now a happy gal owning my own Corelle dinnerware set! Got it at a good price at the sale 🙂 Spent ages deciding on what design to get and finally decided on the Frost design. Happy!


Hello Kitty Circus of Life

Got my first birthday present last weekend from the hubs.

He had hid it in the house and asked me to search for it. So I went around the house with Daniel searching for my present. Lo and behold, it was in our storage bed.

Honestly, I was pretty stunned by the gift. It was nothing I expected! I do like Hello Kitty …. I am not crazy passionate about it. I most certainly will not queue for it. But to me, Hello Kitty is like my all time favourite character since young and I am still rather fond of it. So,  to get Hello Kitty for my birthday at my age was quite a pleasant and unexpected surprise. But I think Daniel was more excited than me to see 5 boxes of toys waiting to be opened! It even came with free alphabet flashcards for him. Really useful as we are currently trying to get him to recognize alphabets.

This is not the full collection though. There are still two more that can only be obtained through MacDonald’s delivery order which are missing – Hello Kitty Magician (Limited Edition) and Hello Kitty Daredevil(Limited Edition).

Had Hello Kitty overdose that night!


Hello Kitty Animal Tamer


Hello Kitty Trapez (My favourite!)

Hello Kitty Chimp with Hello Kitty Trapez

Hello Kitty Chimp with Hello Kitty Trapez


Hello Kitty Clown


Hello Kitty Elephant Jumbo

IMG_2222  IMG_2220


Lost and found

What a yummy and unexpected breakfast. Julia called me this morning and told me she bought tau kwa pau for my breakfast.

Could it be that she found it? I wondered.

Just 2 weeks ago, when we drove past katong, I was just lamenting to her that my family was so sad that our favourite tau kwa pau had relocated.

The moment I saw it, I knew that was it. It was easy to identify whether something you grew up eating was the real thing. Enjoyed every mouthful of it and managed to message my family in between mouthfuls so that they could share in the joy of finding something that was lost for a while. As expected, they were elated!

Checked with my colleague further on where she found this. The stall has been relocated to the food court near katong hostel. Great know that it is still in the katong vicinity 🙂


Nice shoes that fit!

Wearing shoes has always been a painful affair for me. For most of the time, as far as I can remember, my feet hurt whenever I wore shoes. I would end up with painful blisters. Open toe sandals are much more comfortable for me. However, I am clumsy and not good with heels either. Hence, the selection of nice, comfortable and formal looking shoes for work is very limited.

Most of the shoes which I end up with mostly hurt – just a matter of to what extent.

Last weekend, I bought a new pair of Rockport shoes which I really love. They look decently pretty and I must say that the fit is really good for me. This is one of the few times that I manage to find shoes that fit so well that I do not get blisters! They are also my most expensive shoes by far at about $100 after a 20% discount…. but definitely worth it cos of the fit and the comfort!



Recently discovered a new fragrance that I really love …… Glow by JLO.

Found a sample of it in my drawer sometime back and decided to give it a try. And I simply loved it!

Subsequently, I finished the bottle and kept the name of the perfume in mind….. to look for it the next time I travel. I don’t buy perfumes very often …. only when I travel ….I might get something as a treat 🙂

Looked for it last Dec when we traveled to Australia but could not find it. Last week, someone came to our school to sell perfumes and they actually had it. Placed and order and it arrived this week.

Tried it and realised that I really love it! I like it almost as much as my favourite perfume ‘Miracle’ by Lancome.

Love the fragrance as it is both flowery and fruit. Gives a fresh, clean and feminine feel. Also, it can last almost the whole day and doesn’t fade away like most perfumes do. Makes me happy 🙂


Lessons from playing Candy Crush

Love this so much and thought that it is so true!

My entire family and extended family, except for my in-laws and Daniel are so into Candy Crush! Notice I did not used the word addicted cos we are not! Anyway, in my family, I am currently at the lowest level at 87 😦 Gavan is leading the way at 275! My parents are way above me!!!

I thought this is interesting cos, some of these thoughts are going through my mind as I am playing it!

1) Persistence – totally agree with this one! There are so many times i felt like giving up this because it is so frustrating when you are stuck at a level. Been stuck at a level for weeks and it just seems so hard to breakthrough and efforts seem so futile. Why do i keep going ….if others can….i am not ready to admit i am not as good as them.

2) You won’t always understand what’s going on. Agreed. Sometimes, I don’t understand these game at all. Things seem so random and unpredictable.

3) Ask friends for help. I don’t like asking people for help. But no choice cos i need ticket.

And my friend added one more. To quote her ‘The worse feeling in candy crush is just missing to clear one more jelly and your moves are up and you are thinking, oh, I came so far and close to clearing a level and now have to start all over again!’

All in, I am still playing as it is fun when everyone around u is also into it. I love doing thing with others and connecting in this way and identifying in the ‘trials’ of being stuck at a level!


Loving my Dolce Gusto Piccolo

Am loving my Dolce Gusto Piccolo that Ivan got me for Valentine’s Day this year 🙂

Get to drink nice coffee at home whenever I want and enjoy my cuppa.

My favourite flavours so far are Latte Machiato, Cafe Au Lait and Green Tea Latte.

I mostly drink only during weekends, where I have time to sit down and slowly enjoy my coffee. It’s not economically to make a cup daily as it is pretty expensive so I still take my instant coffee – International Roast on weekdays. Wanna reserve this coffee as a weekend treat too, so dun want to spoil it and make it ordinary by drinking it everyday.

20130528-171755.jpg        20130528-171815.jpg