Cycling is our latest family hobby. At the end of last year, Daniel learnt to cycle on his own 2 wheeler bike. At the same time, we decided to invest in foldies. Thought it would be a fun way to keep fit too. It has been about 5 months since we have gotten the bikes. So far, we have gone on less cycling trips than we would have loved too. Life can get busy and weekends are so precious. Weekends are usually taken up by church, ministry, Daniel’s art lesson, getting Daniel to do some learning activities/practise his piano, catching up with chores, meeting up with friends for a meal, family celebrations…..and if there is nothing on that weekend, we do try to bring the kids out for some kind of outing – one of which could be cycling 🙂

Daniel is really riding quite well now and is able to keep up with us mostly. Am so proud of him! He learnt how to cycle quite quickly 🙂 So Daniel will ride his own bike. Ivan takes Ezra with him on the childseat on his bike. I tried but not skillful enough, cannot ride with a baby!

So far, we have not been to many places. Sometimes, we go to Changi beach and my sister, Adora joins us. She is our main cycling kaki! Once, we also joined the kids’ godpa and godma, and our dear friends Jian Quan and Angeline for their regular Sunday cycling/walking exercise at East Coast.

However, it can be quite tiring and time-consuming loading up 3 bikes and kids onto car and drive out somewhere to cycle. So sometimes, it is easier to just cycle around our neighbourhood. However, during weekends, even though our Tampines is bicycle town, it can get quite crowded and we have to navigate through a lot of pedestrians who share the pavements/path too. Our latest trip, with my sister was cycling to Bedok Reservoir from our home. We made it to Bedok Reservoir, but had to turn back as we started off a bit too late and it was getting dark and approaching dinner.

Hope to be able to explore more places on our bikes! One of the places I hope to go is Coney Island!


Daniel’s reward after working hard at learning to cycle!


The kids looking adorable in their cycling gear!


Managed to cycle from Fort Rd all the way to Gardens by the Bay!


Belated post on Vietnam trip

December 2015: Vietnam – Hanoi – Halong Bay

Horrors! Realised that my last post was 9 months ago! Does time really pass that quickly. Certainly time seems to fly by when you are busy. Life with 2 kids has been quite crazy hectic! This blog is almost being abandoned. But I am determined to keep it going nonetheless … the very least, to chronicle precious memories.

Will start the backlog of posts with this belated post of the trip to Hanoi with our cell group last Dec.

It was our first time travelling together with our cell group (apart from church camps!) To be frank, I half regretted the trip on my first day in Hanoi. The traffic on the streets were frightening and there seemed to be no order whatsoever. I wondered if it was the right decision to come here with a baby and 5 year old in tow. After a while, we learnt how to navigate through the traffic. One tour guide said to us, in Vietnam, when you want to cross the road, just close your eyes and walk! And I realised it was quite true in some ways! There is some system in the chaos and somehow, there are hardly any accidents. By the second day, I was more or less used to the traffic and starting to take in the sights of the city of Hanoi.

I have always wanted to visit Vietnam since my university days when I did my honours thesis on Vietnam. Finally I am here! The people are really warm and nice. We stayed in Hotel Legacy and the staff were really warm, hospitable and helpful.

I was really surprised at how many shops there were in the city. It really is a good place for shopping! There are streets lined with shops and different streets sell different merchandise. The street our hotel was on had a lot of shops selling silver. Unfortunately, with 2 kids in tow, I found it difficult to shop on top of having to navigate the traffic with stroller and baby. One of my cell members who loved shopping was raving about the fashionable clothes that were in the shops in Hanoi! I did mainly ‘window shopping’. It wasn’t until the last day that I realised I was running out of time to shop. As such, we really did not buy much on this trip. Had barely enough souvenirs to bring back for family and friends and had to buy some from the airport …..which was more expensive for the same product than at the street shops.

Despite some of us (including me) coming down with a sore throat and flu, it was really a great trip. Enjoyed travelling with my cell family. We managed to spend some precious time together worshipping and praying. They were a great help to us in helping with the kids wherever possible. One of my cell members always held on to Daniel’s hand while we were walking on the streets of Hanoi.

One of the highlights of our trip has to be the Halong Bay cruise. We spent 2 days, 1 night on the cruise, saw the renowned beautiful Halong Bay and also explored a cave.

Food was good too. We ate well! Some of our meals include Vietnamese food, French fine dining and Western. A pity we didn’t managed to eat a good bowl of Pho, other than those at the hotel breakfast spread and on the cruise.

All in, a really great trip and wonderful first taste of Vietnam!



Arriving safely in Hanoi


Our first meal at an atas Vietnamese restaurant overlooking the lake. 



Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 4

Today we head down to Denmark which is just about 45 min away. Spent the morning exploring Albany. King George Sound

IMG_6970_fb IMG_6995_fb

Anzac War memorial park This was really cool. We got to explore the gun placements, battery and some of the war machinery and defences that were built during the first world war. It was a highlight for me …… military history lesson comes alive!

IMG_7073_fb IMG_7081_fb IMG_7090_fb IMG_7092_fb IMG_7099_fb IMG_7109_fb  IMG_7247

We went to take a look at the Dog Rock and had lunch at the shopping mall nearby. Managed to squeeze in some time for quick shopping too! After that we headed down to check into our cottage at Denmark. IMG_7118_fbIMG_7016_fb

Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 3

We started off our morning in Albany by having breakfast at Kate’s Place. It is a quaint cafe that serves really good breakfast. Absolutely love the poach eggs and the mushroom toast we had! Oh and I am no bacon lover but I really love the bacon here in Australia!

IMG_6432_fb IMG_6439_fb IMG_6448_fb IMG_6464_fb IMG_6468_fb IMG_6470_fb

After a hearty breakfast, we proceeded for our sight seeing. First stop – Brigg Amity. We spent the morning getting a glimpse at the history of Albany. The Brigg Amity was a ship that brought in the early settlers to Albany. We explored the ship and toured the museum too.

IMG_6499_fb IMG_6504_fb IMG_6516_fb  IMG_6528_fb IMG_6538_fb IMG_6631_fb IMG_6643_fb IMG_6665_fb IMG_6679_fb IMG_6686_fb IMG_6711_fb

Spent the afternoon at Discovery Bay. Had a tour of the whaling house. Really gory but whaling is part of Albany’s history. Explored another ship, Cheynes IV, that was used for whale chasing. Whaling was really a big industry for Albany in the early 20th century.

IMG_6724_fb IMG_6758_fb IMG_6767_fb IMG_6821_fb


IMG_6834_fb IMG_6846_fb IMG_6857_fb IMG_6874_fb  x

And our final stop – The Wind farm. This was definitely the highlight of the day. It so happened that we went at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. Also saw a full rainbow for the first time which took my breath away. What a feast for our eyes! Felt amazed at the beauty of God’s creation and a reminder of His promises.

IMG_6914_fb  IMG_6922_fb IMG_6932_fb IMG_6936_fb

After that proceeded back to our apartment to cook dinner. Menu for tonight: Chicken pasta!

Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 2

Fremantle – Albany

Our first morning in Perth. We awoke in our lovely hotel – The Rydges.


Had yummy breakfast before spending a leisurely morning at Fremantle market again! This time round we bought some souvenirs to bring back to Singapore.


Had breakfast at this cafe

IMG_6325_fb IMG_6327_fb



These pancakes are really good!


We bought a lot of soap to bring back as souvenirs. There were so many flavours! They really smell and look so yummy. I was also checking out a diy nail art kit at the market.



We headed for a must have Fish and Chips lunch before we set off for a 4 hr drive to Albany.

IMG_6365_fb IMG_6371_fb IMG_6372_fb

Finally hit Albany at about 7pm and checked into our apartment.

IMG_6378_fb IMG_6382_fb IMG_6383_fb

Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 1

Decided that I must quickly blog about our Perth trip so that I can remember it …..the memories are getting less vivid with each passing day. All in it was a fantastic trip. God is good. The trip surpassed my expectations in many ways and there were many highlights. I think this has to be one of the most enjoyed overseas trip I have made. Great location and sites, great company and great food! It never fails to amaze me how beautiful Australia is. The country is really so blessed by natural beauty. It remains my all time favourite holiday destination 🙂

Singapore – Perth

It was our first time traveling with a six month old babe in tow! Felt like a very long 5 hr plane ride! The baby only took 3 half hr naps during the plane ride. He cried here and there. But overall it wasn’t too bad. We survived!! Ivan gave baby Ezra 7/10 marks for his first flight!

After getting our prepaid SIM card and collecting the rental car, we headed for Fremantle to spend the night there. By the time we reached it was 5 plus and the sky was getting dark. So for the first night, we just took our time to check out the hotel, settle down and went to Fremantle market for dinner and shopping. We had dinner at Jus Burger. The burgers and fries were simply awesome!




In his bassinet 🙂


Tinkering on a colourful piano at Fremantle market

Tinkering on a colourful piano at Fremantle market

Sentosa Staycation Jun 2014

Due to the pregnancy, I am grounded and unable to take the plane for this year (we did not want to take any unnecessary risks). Hence for the Jun holidays, it was just a one night staycation at Sentosa during the weekend as Ivan just had his long mc due to his fracture and could not take more leave.

It was short but fun. Thank God that we were all well. For the past few months, Daniel and I have been taking turns to come down with cough which was really irritating and quite disruptive to our lives! This time round, we stayed at Amara Sanctuary Resort. Was in quite a relax mode, so did not take many pictures.

We started the staycation with the Dora the Explorer Musical showing at Resorts World. Although he is a boy, Daniel’s all-time favourite is Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego. He was all so excited and really enjoyed the musical. Personally, I was quite bored and almost fell asleep halfway! He liked it so much that he cried when the show ended!

We checked into the hotel and the boy had his afternoon nap while we just chillaxed in the hotel room.

When he woke up and we wanted to go out, it was pouring! We waited for the hotel shuttle bus. By the time the bus came, the rain was getting lighter, so we decided to head down to Palawan Beach. Happened to bump into a friend who works in Sentosa and he recommended us quite a yummy zi char stall at the Palawan Beach food court! We had rice and a few dishes and the food was really yummy! It was already dark by the time we reached Palawan Beach but we decided to spent the next morning here.

The next morning, we had breakfast at MacDonald’s and then headed down to Palawan Beach. Spent a good part of the morning having fun with sand and water play. We built a sand castle. We tried walking back to our hotel and realised that it was just a 10 minute walk from the beach! We headed back and spent some time at the hotel swimming pool before checking out.

After checking out, we walked to Palawan beach again and brought the boy for activities at the Playmobil event going on at the same time- story telling, dancing and playpit. What I found really cool was that we did not have to pay at all for the entire morning’s activities!

After lunch, we watched the bird show near the beach and headed home.

I was exhausted but happy 🙂 Really thank the Lord for His goodness. Though I can’t travel and this family staycation is really short, we did have quite a fun time together as a family.

IMG_4360 IMG_4367 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4383 IMG_4401 IMG_4402 IMG_4405 IMG_4413 IMG_4418