Eefu noodles

My mother-in-law gave me some Ee fu noodles, so I have been experimenting with this dish. The first time we had it with some roast goose which a relative brought back from Hong Kong. It definitely goes very well with the roast goose. However, I think I didn’t add enough sauces when cooking the noodles, hence the colour looked a bit off. Nonetheless, the taste wasn’t too bad.

The second time, the noodles was more successful. This time, I only had some chicken wings at home, so I marinated and baked them to go with the noodles. I must say that they go so much better with the goose. It probably goes quite well with duck too. Actually, I can’t quite tell the difference between the 2. It was my first time having goose and it tasted similar duck to to me.

Here’s how I cooked the noodles – instructions from my mother-in-law. Don’t know the specific amount of sauce to add! Just trial and error and try to balance them!!
Ingredients: Serves 2 adults and a kid

1) Ee fu noodles

2) 4 cloves of garlic

3) Shitake mushrooms

4) Bean sprouts

5) Cai Xin

6) Meat – duck meat/chicken

7) Light soya sauce

8) Duck Soya sauce

9) Oyster sauce

10) Sesame oil

11) Pepper

1) Boil the ee fu noodles. Drain and run through tap.

2) Prepare sauce mixture – Mix some oyster sauce, light and dark soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper and water.

3) Fry the garlic in sesame and vegetable oil

4) Add mushrooms, cai xin, beansprouts and meat and stir for a few minutes.

5) Add in the noodles and sauce.

6) Stir and simmer for a few minutes.


Simple Lasagna dinner at home

Decided to attempt Lasagna again because I love eating lasagna! So far have not had much success the few times we tried.

This time round it was successful! This is also quite easy to assemble. These days, since baby Ezra came, when I do cook, usually try to do one dish meals as the prep and washing is much less. 

Ingredients (Serves 3):

1) San Remo instant lasagna sheets

2) Prego Tomato Pasta Sauce (300g)

3) Minced beef (300g)

4) 1 onion

5) 2-3 cloves of garlic

6) Butter

7) Milk (2 cups)

8) Mozzarella cheese (200g)

9) Plain flour (2 tablespoon)

10) Olive oil 


1) To make the meat sauce: Heat up some oil and fry the onions and garlic. Add the mince beef and stir till cooked. Then add in the tomato pasta sauce and simmer for 5 minutes.

2) To make the cheese sauce (I got this recipe from the box of lasagna sheets) Melt the butter and stir in the flour. Stir for a few minutes. Stir in the milk till thick and smooth. Add in 100g of the mozzarella chesse and stir till the cheese melts.

3) Assemble: Layering – lasagna sheet – meat sauce- cheese sauce – sprinkle mozzarella cheese. Create a few layers.

4) Pop it into oven and bake for about 35-45 minutes.


Thoughts on being a full time working mum with 2 kids

As of 29 Jun 15, I started working and got back to life as a working mum, this time with 2 kids.

It’s been almost 4 weeks since and I survived! Thank God for a supportive hubby who helps with some chores at night and helps to put the baby back when he refuses to sleep after nursing in the middle of the night! Yes, the babe still wakes up 2-4 times every night. Sobs!

Work has been pretty busy, so it’s just full steam ahead in the day ….. don’t have much time to miss the baby. The few days before I went back to work, I was starting to miss him already after spending so much time with him the first seven months of his life and rarely away from him.

Certainly life has changed quite a bit. Time at home and with the kids is much shorter and hence seems more precious. The baby adapted quite well to the change. We had been preparing him quite a bit and he was finally taking bottle quite well. Something which I wasn’t expecting was for Daniel to actually feel the difference. He seemed more moody after I started work and after talking to him, he did express that he was sad that now he saw less of me. Did not expect the impact on him to be that great as he is after all in childcare full day 3 times a week. But I guess it does make a difference to a child when he sees you when he gets home. Thus it can be really painful as a working mum, knowing that there are some things your kid has to get used to – like having less time with you. It also happened that these few weeks have been really busy in school and I have to come back later quite often.

This week, things got worse as Daniel came down with hfmd. I really felt sad that I couldn’t be with him more while he was sick and having painful ulcers. Guess this is one of the woes and heartaches of a working mum…..not being able to be fully available to your child.

I happened to read an interview with Jaime Teo this week. Something that she said resounded in me and brought tears to my eyes. From:

Q: Has being a mum changed the way you do things, especially when it comes to your business?

I’m a mum first and a businessperson second. I think that being a mum makes people more effective workers because you want to finish everything quickly and go home.

Getting back home as soon as possible to Renee after work was always my priority, which is why I think mothers are always more efficient — because they have a purpose and they have a place to be at, and that place is always by their kids’ side.

What she said really encouraged me on a few points. Firstly, that perhaps it is possible for working mums to be successful at work without sacrificing family. I always feel that working mums may not be able to shine as much as their counterparts who do not have kids as they have so much more time and energy to give and are more able to commit. What she said made me see things from another perspective ….. that being a mother motivates you to think of how you can do your job better and faster so that you can go home quickly.

Secondly, it made going home quickly and early sound really good. It is important for working mums and for that matter working dads not to stay late as much as possible. As it is, working hours in Singapore are already long. If one were to put in extra hours, you may not even get to see your child at all for that day. And to put it in another way, the child may not get to see his parents at all that day. In my job as a school counsellor, it troubles me when I hear about kids who hardly see their parents at all because parents are busy working and weekends are taken up by tuition and other enrichment activities. In busy Singapore, one has to deliberately make decisions to guard time with family. Kids do need their parents to be around and to have strong presence in their lives especially in their formative childhood and teenage years.

In trying to explain to Daniel why mummy has to work, it also made me think about why I am working. I choose to work because I do believe in the benefits and like the stability of having dual income. Also, I do not feel that I am fully effective and most fulfilled as a stay home mum. I truly do admire some really awesome stay-at-home mums who are able to do so much with their kids! I do like what I am currently doing and I like that working gives you something else other than your kids to focus on and adds another dimension to life. Ideally I would like to work part-time. Unfortunately, part-time working arrangements are not so readily and easily available.

So for now, I am still a full time working mum. And I am inspired to be efficient and effective at work so that I can do my job well and go home and spend more time with my kids!

My two lovelies!

My two lovelies!

Father’s Day 2015

This is a belated Father’s day post!

We celebrated Father’s Day this year on 21 Jun by going cycling!

Started the day with a lovely brunch at Chock Full of Beans. After that, we went cycling at Changi Beach. This is the first time we are cycling together as a family and it was pretty fun. Even baby got to cycle with us in his baby seat!


Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever!

Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy ever!


Ended the night with Jap hotpot with my family 🙂


Appreciate my dad for being such a constant figure of stability in my life. Blessed with good parents who provide and care for us in the best way they can and know how to. I never doubt their love for me and helps me to understand how much more my heavenly Father loves me. One time the Lord spoke to me how much He loves me through this verse.

“When my father and my mother forsake me,
Then the Lord will take care of me.” Ps 27:10

I began to have an insight of the depth of his love for me. I know my parents will never forsake me. But I understood that even if I ever experience rejection from them, the Father’s love for me is so deep and He will never forsake me. Indeed we can never fully comprehend with our finite mind the depths of the Father’s love for us. We need regular encounters with Him and revelations of His love for us, so that we will never leave our first love for Him and forget how much He loves us.

Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 4

Today we head down to Denmark which is just about 45 min away. Spent the morning exploring Albany. King George Sound

IMG_6970_fb IMG_6995_fb

Anzac War memorial park This was really cool. We got to explore the gun placements, battery and some of the war machinery and defences that were built during the first world war. It was a highlight for me …… military history lesson comes alive!

IMG_7073_fb IMG_7081_fb IMG_7090_fb IMG_7092_fb IMG_7099_fb IMG_7109_fb  IMG_7247

We went to take a look at the Dog Rock and had lunch at the shopping mall nearby. Managed to squeeze in some time for quick shopping too! After that we headed down to check into our cottage at Denmark. IMG_7118_fbIMG_7016_fb

Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 3

We started off our morning in Albany by having breakfast at Kate’s Place. It is a quaint cafe that serves really good breakfast. Absolutely love the poach eggs and the mushroom toast we had! Oh and I am no bacon lover but I really love the bacon here in Australia!

IMG_6432_fb IMG_6439_fb IMG_6448_fb IMG_6464_fb IMG_6468_fb IMG_6470_fb

After a hearty breakfast, we proceeded for our sight seeing. First stop – Brigg Amity. We spent the morning getting a glimpse at the history of Albany. The Brigg Amity was a ship that brought in the early settlers to Albany. We explored the ship and toured the museum too.

IMG_6499_fb IMG_6504_fb IMG_6516_fb  IMG_6528_fb IMG_6538_fb IMG_6631_fb IMG_6643_fb IMG_6665_fb IMG_6679_fb IMG_6686_fb IMG_6711_fb

Spent the afternoon at Discovery Bay. Had a tour of the whaling house. Really gory but whaling is part of Albany’s history. Explored another ship, Cheynes IV, that was used for whale chasing. Whaling was really a big industry for Albany in the early 20th century.

IMG_6724_fb IMG_6758_fb IMG_6767_fb IMG_6821_fb


IMG_6834_fb IMG_6846_fb IMG_6857_fb IMG_6874_fb  x

And our final stop – The Wind farm. This was definitely the highlight of the day. It so happened that we went at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. Also saw a full rainbow for the first time which took my breath away. What a feast for our eyes! Felt amazed at the beauty of God’s creation and a reminder of His promises.

IMG_6914_fb  IMG_6922_fb IMG_6932_fb IMG_6936_fb

After that proceeded back to our apartment to cook dinner. Menu for tonight: Chicken pasta!

Western Australia Trip 2015 – Day 2

Fremantle – Albany

Our first morning in Perth. We awoke in our lovely hotel – The Rydges.


Had yummy breakfast before spending a leisurely morning at Fremantle market again! This time round we bought some souvenirs to bring back to Singapore.


Had breakfast at this cafe

IMG_6325_fb IMG_6327_fb



These pancakes are really good!


We bought a lot of soap to bring back as souvenirs. There were so many flavours! They really smell and look so yummy. I was also checking out a diy nail art kit at the market.



We headed for a must have Fish and Chips lunch before we set off for a 4 hr drive to Albany.

IMG_6365_fb IMG_6371_fb IMG_6372_fb

Finally hit Albany at about 7pm and checked into our apartment.

IMG_6378_fb IMG_6382_fb IMG_6383_fb