It’s been 5 years

This month, Ivan and I celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.

Am thankful to the Lord for all that He has brought us through these 5 years. Though it is not a long period of time, it is a significant period through which the Lord has been good to us and has taught us how to dwell with one another. Through this 5 years, we have learnt very early on that we are both imperfect and that love is a choice that we have to constantly choose to continue to love one another despite our flaws.

Some things that I have been so blessed through our marriage:

1) Friendship. Over the last few years, we have come to trust and open up to one another progressively. And it is a joy to be able to talk and confide with one another on the things that are upon our hearts and to know that one is accepted. Friendship is also about being there for one another and to walk together through life situations together. It is also about supporting and encouraging one another and to give honest feedback that will help the other grow knowing that it is done out of love. I can always depend on Ivan to point out my rough edges and while that is sometimes very painful, it helps me to take the much needed steps towards change or point me in the area that I need to be renewed in.

2) Co-labourers. One of the joys of our relationship is co-labouring together. For now, it is particularly in the area of cell ministry. We will read through each other’s cell sharing preparation and give feedback, consult each other on our song set for cell worship, discuss about how the cell meeting went, share our heart/hopes/dreams/concerns for the people in cell and keep them in prayer.

3) Family. Since Daniel came along, life has been very different. Raising a child is tough but there are many moments of joy and experiences which we will never have just being a couple. We are thankful to God for entrusting us with the privilege of raising up Daniel. Daniel’s arrival has also brought us closer to our parents as we need their help and support since we are both working. We have had to make adjustments to our lifestyle and God has been good through it all. Certainly, parenthood was not as daunting as I imagined it to me. More often than not, it is actually fulfilling though not without sacrifices!

Just a short song that I penned 🙂

I am so blessed

That you’re here in my life

Everyday, you are here by my side

Let us take time today

To give thanks to the One

Who gave us each other

And He gave us His Son

There’s no greater love

That a man would give His life for a friend

Let us never forget

His amazing love for us

As we journey together in this life

I am praying

That we’ll always be true

To the call that He has for our lives

Let us always remember

To seek His face

And to live for His glory

Till we meet Him face to face