June Bakes

Since we did not travel anywhere for holiday in Jun, I managed to do some baking during the June holidays.

1) Lava Cake for mother-in-law’s birthday

Lava cake is one of Ivan’s favourite cakes and we decided to bake it for his mum’s birthday. We used this recipe from one of my favourite cooking blogs – http://www.noobcook.com

It turned out quite well and we managed to get the molten centre. However, we realised that this cake is best eaten upon baking. We tried one after baking and refrigerated the rest for the birthday celebration which was not on the same day. It still tasted good but the molten centre was no longer molten.

Lava cake       Lava cake 2


2) Carrot Cake

Did this tried and tested many times and fail-proof non-dairy cake again for Eliza’s birthday. Was too lazy to search and try out another dairy free recipe and she liked the cake quite a lot last year, decided to do the same one again! Since we will be celebrating at River Safari, decided to do it cupcake style so as to save the hassle of having to cut the cake. For the rest of us, I added the cream cheese frosting and they turned out quite pretty 🙂

Carrot Cake


 3) Egg Tarts

On the last week of the holidays, managed to squeeze a meet up with Xinyi. She came over and we baked egg tarts. I have been wanting to try baking egg tarts for some time as Ivan and Daniel both love egg tarts. Xinyi was game to try and I had all the necessary ingredients at home and so we decided to give it a go! The egg tarts turned out all right, but it was not the yummiest. The crust was a bit to dry for our liking. A more crumbly pastry would have been better.  Hence, I will not share the recipe I used. The search for the perfect egg tart recipe continues! Ivan and Daniel like the shortcrust Hong Kong kind. Personally, I prefer Portuguese egg tarts …. but puff pastry is something which at this point, I don’t think I want to attempt puff pastry yet!


Delicious Carrot Cake

Last week, made a carrot cake for Eliza’s cell group birthday celebration. I rarely bake so really thank God that the cake was deliciously successful! Thanks to Ivan for helping me find such a good recipe. Will definitely be doing it again cos it is so simple and yummy! Even the icing is super easy to prepare. To me, the most difficult part to me was grating the carrot which required some effort and strength. The rest of it was just mixing the right quantities of the ingredients together. All in, I took one hour to prepare it and another hour to bake it.

The cake was a hit with the birthday girl and the rest and they encouraged me to bake more often 🙂

Here’s the wonderful recipe:


photo (8)