Rainbow Cakes at Nom

2 weeks ago, we went to Nom Cafe at Macpherson Community Club to celebrate Lee Lee’s birthday.

It is quite a cosy place which serves decent food at reasonable prices. There is also a small play area for kids with a slide. Really love kid friendly restaurants like these as kids can get really restless sitting at the table for too long. Just a simple small play area like that is really helpful for parents to chill and chat and the kids have something they enjoy doing too.

But the highlight of Nom Cafe to me is really their rainbow cakes. They have a variety of rainbow cakes …… Chocolate rainbow, salted caramel rainbow, rainbow cheesecake. Rainbow cake is usually just pretty to look at but just simple sponge cake layered with cream between each layer. But the rainbow cakes here are so much more exciting and delicious and they look good too. We got a slice of the salted caramel one and the cheesecake. Both were really pretty and tasted good too. Luv it when food looks good and tastes good too! Worth every calorie and and cent too 🙂 And the best is when it’s eaten in the  company of lovely people! Luv birthdays……a time to gather and explore new places to eat.



National Day 2014

 8 – 9  August 2014

To celebrate National Day this year, our cell group had a potluck dinner followed by prayer for Singapore. For the potluck, we had to bring a dish which was red/white and also wear red/white in the spirit of national day!

Decided to bring Mee Goreng. I have never cooked Mee Goreng before so I did some research beforehand. Consulted my mother-in-law who can cook mee goreng that is quite delicious and also googled and read other recipes. Finally, this was the recipe I went with after combining all my research. And the result? Yummy! This is an easy to do one dish meal too 🙂

Mee Goreng (Serves 6 adults)


1) 2 packets of yellow noodles

2) Cai Xin

3) Tomatoes (2-3, sliced)

4) Bean Sprouts

5) Fish cake (3 pcs, sliced)

6) 4 eggs (beaten)

7) 1 large red onion (chopped finely)

8) Garlic (4-5 cloves, chopped finely)

9) Tomato Ketchup

10) Bottled chilli (I used Singlong Sambal Belacan)

11) Dark Soy Sauce


1) Add oil

2) Fry the garlic and onion

3) Add the vegetables, fish cake, tomatoes and stir fry quickly

4) Add the noodles – Mix and stir-fry together with the rest of ingredients.

5) Add the egg and stir fry evenly

6) Add ketchup, dark soy sauce and chilli (Unsure about exact amount as I added based on the colour and taste)

mee goreng

After dinner, we spent some time praying for Singapore followed by a time of charades on local topics.

cell national day

Here’s another birthday cum national day gathering I had with friends on National day itself.




Papa’s birthday cake – Matcha cake improved!

For my dad’s birthday, I decided to give this matcha recipe from allrecipes one more try. I decided to do the matcha cake again for the following reasons.

  1. I still had green tea powder left
  2. We were going to a Japanese restaurant (Rakuzen@Tampines) for his birthday dinner and a matcha cake would be in line with the cuisine
  3. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the one I did for Nami’s birthday. I felt that the green tea flavour was not strong enough and it was much too sweet for my liking. So this time, I drastically reduced the sugar and increased the amount of green tea powder.

The result: Yumz!!  I enjoyed the cake a lot, which I was surprised, cos I seldom enjoy cake so much. I have more of a savoury rather than sweet tooth. I also like eating it as a loaf cake without any icing.

Here is the revised recipe which is certainly a keeper and one which I will use again! The method remains the same.


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup cake flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 6 teaspoons green tea powder (up from the original 4)
  • 3/4 cup white sugar (down from original 1 1/4 cup)
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup plain yoghurt

For the icing, I also adjusted the amounts slightly as I did not need so much since I would not be doing a layered cake.  I also wanted it less sweet with a stronger green tea flavour.

  • 1 teaspoon vanila extract
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2-3 teaspoon green tea powder
  • 1 table spoon butter
  • 2 ounce cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon milk

Daniel always joins the cake cutting and candle blowing even when it is not his birthday!


Zixuan (Pris’ bf) also shares the same birthday as my dad!


Rare big family shot!

Daniel turns 3

Daniel turned 3 this week. How time flies! Looking through snapshots of him over the last 3 years really brought back fond memories. How quickly kids grow up! Really need to cherish every moment of their growing years and create many wonderful memories.

We decided not to have a party since he does not have many friends and a party would just be for the adults. Maybe next time when he has more friends to invite. Nonetheless, we had a great time celebrating with family and friends which made it a very memorable occasion. We are thankful to be able to celebrate with our family and close friends and we were much blessed by their prayers and gifts. Daniel sure enjoyed himself …..being able to sing the birthday song and blow candles a few times with different groups and he enjoyed his many new toys.

Highlights of his birthday this year:

photo (3)

IMG_3393 IMG_3392

IMG_3352  IMG_3349

IMG_3335 IMG_3351

Playing with the game Shane and Anne gave him …..love his expressions!

IMG_3368 IMG_3367

IMG_3363 IMG_3315

Popiah Party

Popiah has been a regular dish at my family dinner table since I was young. My grandma used to make it for family dinner from time to time. After she stopped cooking, my mum has continued with this tradition. So a few times a year, this will be a meal for us which we all enjoy and always look forward too. Ivan and I have tried doing popiah by ourselves for a gathering about 5 years ago, but it was not too successful. Decided to have another go at it for our Nov birthday gathering for Nov babies – Ivan, Xinyi and Daniel. So once again, I got the recipe from my mum). This is the recipe that my family has been using to make delicious popiah all this while. This time round, we were quite successful and it was quite well-received by our guests.

Ingredients (for about 8 pax)

1. 3 medium sized turnips

2. 2 medium carrots

3. 2 bunches of Chinese lettuce

4. 1 cucumber

5. 6 eggs

6. 1/2 kg prawns

7. 4 medium tau kwa

8. 100 gm beansprouts

9. Parsley

10. Chopped nuts (readily grinded ones are available at supermarket)

11. 5 chillis

12. 1-2 garlics

13. Tao chio (We use the one with the picture of a green urn which can only be found in wet markets)

14. Sweet black sauce (We use the one with yellow cap and manufactured by Sin Ngee Seng)

15. Sugar

16. Salt

17. 30-40 pieces of popiah skin (We usually use frozen ones from NTUC – cheap and good! Or can be bought from shops selling popiah too but this is much more expensive from $16 onwards per kg. This time, we found some at a dry goods shop in the market at $11/kg but I found them to be a little dry.)

Main preparation for popiah is to cook the turnip. The rest of the ingredients are quite easy to prepare.

Method for cooking turnip:

1. Shred the turnip. (This takes quite a while depending on how good your equipment is!)

2. Peel the prawns and keep the shells for the stock. Set the prawns aside for later use.

3. Fry the prawns and about 500 ml water to prepare the prawn stock. Let it simmer for a while. Set the stock aside for later use.

4. Fry 2 tablespoon garlic with oil.

5. Add 3 tablespoons tau chio and fry.

6. Add prawn stock.

7. Add shredded turnip.

8. Stir and balance the taste with sugar and salt.

9. Cover the wok and stir occasionally till the turnip is soft.

Method for the rest of the popiah ingredients:

1. Eggs – Hard boil them and slice them.

2. Prawns – fry with some garlic and dice them.

3. Cucumber – remove centre and skin and shred.

4. Tau kwa – slice into strips and fry.

5. Beansprouts – Blanch them in boiling water.

6. Chilli paste – Blend the chilli into a chili paste.

7. Garlic – Blend/Mince till fine.

To roll and wrap the popiah:

1. Lay out the skin

2. Put a piece of lettuce

3. Spread sweet sauce, chilli and garlic onto skin/lettuce

4. Add all the popiah ingredients

5. Top with turnip

6. Wrap and roll!

To wrap and roll a nice popiah requires skill  …… which even after making for so many years, my skill is far from perfect! Some tips: Too much filling will cause it to burst easily. It also helps to drain the turnip so that it is dry and will not cause the skin to break easily. Having a sharp knife to cut the popiah also helps.

Birthday date at Dozo

This is our second time back at Dozo. The first time was on Valentine’s Day in 2011. Obviously the food was good enough for us to decide to come back a second time. It was the birthday boy’s choice. He has been wanting to come back again for some time and we finally had the chance.

This time we came for lunch. Dozo serves French-Jap fusion food. For lunch, they serve a 6 course lunch and for dinner 7 course. Diners get to select from various options for each course. Here’s a glimpse of what we ate.
My favourite for the night were the escargots and the crab bisque which were really yummy and rich in flavour. Ivan of course ordered the lava cake which he loves and which has since set the benchmark for all other lava cakes!

Complimentary drinks to start off the 6 course lunch:


First course for me and him:


2nd course: Escargots for me and Soft shell crab for Ivan

20131121-090103.jpg 20131121-090302.jpg

3rd course: I chose Crab Bisque and Ivan chose Clam soup.



Fourth course: My duck and his Kurubuta Pork.

20131121-090324.jpg   20131121-090340.jpg

5th course: Matcha ice-cream and Lava cake

20131121-090413.jpg  20131121-090423.jpg

6th course: Ice Fruit tea


After that, we went to catch Thor:The dark world. Pretty much enjoyed the movie though it was more of Ivan’s kind of movie.

Dozo Restaurant

#02-02/03, Valley Point Shopping Centre, 491 River Valley Road

My Birthday Celebration 2013

My birthday celebration this year was pretty simple but warm as it was celebrated with loved ones.

Celebration 1: Had birthday dinner with my family when they came to pick us up at the airport,

Celebration 2: On Fri, celebrated with cell group.

20130917-165730.jpg 20130917-165746.jpg

20130917-165806.jpg 20130917-165826.jpg

20130917-165835.jpg 20130917-165843.jpg

Celebration 3:  With JC friends

Celebration 4: Final celebration – Lee Lee and Xinyi celebrated our (Pris and me) birthdays. The Location – Big Sheila. Lovely place, good food and fantastic company. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It felt as if time stood still for a moment. We were snapping photos all night long. Lee Lee brought a polaroid camera and Ivan was snapping with his dslr. We enjoyed taking photos and posing all evening – tried many permutations! Highly recommend Big Sheila. Decent food and really cosy place for small gatherings. We felt completely at home and it wasn’t too rowdy or too quiet that we didn’t dare make a sound. The staff were helpful and friendly. The place isn’t big, so it is best to make reservations beforehand. Just a small fraction of the shots we took! Dun want to photo bomb!

IMG_4623 IMG_4624 IMG_4633  IMG_4677 IMG_4679

IMG_4715 IMG_4719 IMG_4712

IMG_4724 IMG_4729  IMG_4671 20130930-222954.jpg

20130930-223020.jpg  20130930-223037.jpg

Above all, sensed the deep love and favour of the Lord and am much blessed.