Recently, we had some sleeping breakthroughs …. Daniel is finally sleeping in his room through the night.

I was reading in a parenting book (Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent & Barbara Hughes) that it is important for parents to be in control especially for young children. Young kids are dominated by their impulses and act spontaneously with little thought. Hence they need to be disciplined by parents to understand their boundaries and limits if not, there will be chaos. And most parents who lose control lose it when their children are very young – in the area of sleeping and eating.

This caused me to reflect on Daniel’s sleeping habits. On the whole we have managed to regulate his sleep quite well and he knows when it is bedtime and naptime and that it is non-negotiable. However, I did feel that I have ‘lost control’ in some areas with regard to sleep and decided it was time to take back some control!

Daniel has been coming over to our room in the middle of the night and squeezing in between us for the longest time. It then got so bad that he did not even want to go to sleep in his room but only on our bed. To encourage him to sleep through in his room, we slept with him for a few weeks in his room. We moved back to our bed 2 weeks ago. What a relief ….. how I miss my sealy bed! Initially, he started coming over in the middle of the night as usual. But one night, he came over and then decided to go back to his room! Nowadays, he doesn’t come over most nights but sleeps through in his room. Thank God! It is not pleasant to share a bed with a toddler who turns 360 degrees and to get kicked when u are asleep! Not to mention that it is a squeeze. And I am mostly not for co-sleeping save the occasional when child is sick/has nightmares. However, somehow, along the way, I gave in to co-sleeping out of convenience – none of us wants to wake up and put baby back to bed in the middle of the night in his cot. It is easiest to just put him in bed with us and we can all continue with our sleep.

Another breakthrough is that I (yes, me!) can finally put Daniel to sleep. For the longest time too, he only wanted Ivan. Finally decided to grit teeth and bite the bullet and go through with the training – for him to be weaned off daddy putting him to bed! Cos it was becoming really troublesome and difficult whenever Ivan could not be there to put him to bed. For the first few days, there was a lot of tears, screaming and kicking. But yesterday finally, no crying 🙂 There was some resistance …..but it’s getting better every time!

One of the things we did when we were encouraging him to sleep in his room was also to stick glow-in-the dark stars in his room!