Rainbow Cakes at Nom

2 weeks ago, we went to Nom Cafe at Macpherson Community Club to celebrate Lee Lee’s birthday.

It is quite a cosy place which serves decent food at reasonable prices. There is also a small play area for kids with a slide. Really love kid friendly restaurants like these as kids can get really restless sitting at the table for too long. Just a simple small play area like that is really helpful for parents to chill and chat and the kids have something they enjoy doing too.

But the highlight of Nom Cafe to me is really their rainbow cakes. They have a variety of rainbow cakes …… Chocolate rainbow, salted caramel rainbow, rainbow cheesecake. Rainbow cake is usually just pretty to look at but just simple sponge cake layered with cream between each layer. But the rainbow cakes here are so much more exciting and delicious and they look good too. We got a slice of the salted caramel one and the cheesecake. Both were really pretty and tasted good too. Luv it when food looks good and tastes good too! Worth every calorie and and cent too 🙂 And the best is when it’s eaten in the  company of lovely people! Luv birthdays……a time to gather and explore new places to eat.



Matcha Cake

There is one cake that I have always been keen to try – Matcha. I luv all things matcha – from edible stuff to toiletries and perfume! Hence I thought to take the opportunity to bake one for Nami’s birthday celebration this week. This is prob my biggest solo baking project to date! Consulted my friend Janice who was very encouraging and recommended me this recipe from Allrecipes.

To prevent myself from changing my mind about doing the cake, I quickly went to get the ingredients, so that there will be no turning back and last minute back out! Managed to get some pretty good green tea powder from Sakura Fish Market at Parkway. This was one ingredient I was on the look out for weeks before especially after reading Janice’s blog on her experience using this recipe.

All in, I would say that it is not a difficult recipe. However, it took me longer than I expected. My oven couldn’t fit 2 trays, hence I had to bake each try separately to create the 2 layers needed for the cake. Also, the matcha icing was insufficient, hence I had to do up more which also contributed to the longer time. I also did icing to write happy birthday. All in, I took a whopping 4 hrs to prepare the cake from beginning to end!