Children’s Day Treat for Daniel

I had absolutely no consciousness of Children’s Day till this year. Working in a secondary school, Children’s day is not at all celebrated. It was only on the day itself when Daniel received goodies from his school that I realised it was Children’s day. At Children’s Church on Saturday, it was also celebrated – special activities and gifts for the kids.

Decided to bring Daniel out for a Children’s Day treat on Sat morning. Ivan was busy with church activities that day, so he could not join us.  The boy wanted to go to Downtown East as he wanted to take the train ride. Downtown East is not one of my favourite places. Tried to persuade him to go to the airport but he wanted Downtown East. Since the treat was meant for him, decided to go with it. We spent quite a simple morning to me – sharing a cup of yogurt ice-cream, got his wish of taking the train ride, eating Mcdonald’s happy meal. Tried to look for other kiddy rides (besides the train) but could not find any at Downtown East. Tried to fish for some toys at the arcade but no success! But he seemed happy nonetheless with the morning’s activities 🙂 Kids are quite easy to please! Some highlights of our mother-son bonding weekend to remember!

Yogurt from Yoguru. Chose some rainbow cornflakes topping simply because they look so pretty and colourful!


20131008-165637.jpg  20131008-165625.jpg


Happy Meal toy and free ribena for kids on Children’s Day!

20131008-165802.jpg      20131008-165827.jpg

20131008-165939.jpg  20131008-165926.jpg

Sunday morning breakfast and playground fun!