Church Camp 2013

This year’s church camp was rather different for us. Different because we had to care for a sick toddler! I think one of the saddest things to happen is when a child is sick during a family holiday. Anyway, despite Daniel being sick, church camp 2013 turned out well for us 🙂 Praise God!!

It started at 3 am the morning we were going for camp. He was sleeping with us that night. I felt he was hot and woke up to take his temperature. My heart sank. He was running a fever of about 38 degrees. Gave him medicine, but fever still on the next day. Rushed to the PD before going to meet our cell to drive in to JB. As Daniel only had fever and no other symptoms, the doctor just told us to monitor and gave us some medicine to standby.

Met our cell and had a smooth drive to JB. Traffic was quite ok and we were at our lunch stop by 1pm. Had lunch at Ah Khoong Yong Tau Hu at Jln Sutera. My first time there. Food was yummy! Love the fishcakes especially.

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Proceeded to the hotel after lunch but had to wait a while for our rooms. Daniel was running a fever and were so thankful to the camp committee who managed to give us our room earlier. Managed to put Daniel for his nap after which the rest of the cell came to our room to play card games while waiting for their rooms. Had a fun time 🙂

Daniel’s fever persisted throughout the camp and in fact only came down at the end of the camp! On the second and third day it hit a high of 39.4 degrees. And to make matters worse, he refused medicine. We whipped out every trick we could think of to cajole him into taking his medicine. It was exhausting. Eventually, Ivan mastered the art of holding him down and forcing the medicine down. He would be wailing so much after that that I was worried our neighbours would think there was child abuse going on in our room!!


In room dining

In room dining

Am thankful we managed to stay through the whole camp. There were times I really felt like going back, especially the second night when the fever stayed stubbornly at 39 degrees for sometime. That night, I hardly slept as I lay in bed worrying and praying for him. Was it dengue? What was causing this persistent high fever with no other symptoms? That night I also had a mild taste of the heartaches that parents go through when a child is sick.

Between the both of us, we managed to attend most of the sessions. Enjoyed the ministry of Pst Nicky Raiborde and Dr Dale Fife, whose messages really flowed with each other’s. Felt challenged to see myself and others the way God sees and to continually press in for renewal of mind. I personally still have strongholds of the mind that I know need to be torn down. Pastor Dale Fife’s sharing on incubation and how the warmth of the body of Christ helps provide a suitable climate for us to develop our potential also resounded with me. Really thankful for my cell member Anne who would send us summaries at the end of every session so that we would still be able to get the essence of what was shared for the sessions we missed. Would have to get the recording for Pst Yang’s session. Was sitting outside while the session was ending after a tiring night with Daniel and was touched by the presence of the Lord.

Really felt the warmth of the spiritual family during this camp. Cell group was really fantastic. Appreciate so much the fellowship and fun we had together – bonding over meals, helping to chope seats, attending sessions together, girls’ manicure session, guys’ guitar session, late night fellowship at the lovely gym (which I missed cos I did not bring my shoes). Also, appreciate them for supporting us while we had to care for Daniel. They arranged meeting times, organised meals, da paoed dinner for us when we were stuck in our hotel room, sent session summaries and popped by our room to visit us and Daniel. Considering that Daniel had fever throughout the camp, we were still able to not miss out too much largely because of them. Thankful for my sister who helped us too.

Camp this year was certainly an interesting and great experience. Went back with a deeper appreciation of my spiritual family.

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