Father’s Day 2015

This is a belated Father’s day post!

We celebrated Father’s Day this year on 21 Jun by going cycling!

Started the day with a lovely brunch at Chock Full of Beans. After that, we went cycling at Changi Beach. This is the first time we are cycling together as a family and it was pretty fun. Even baby got to cycle with us in his baby seat!


Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever!

Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy ever!


Ended the night with Jap hotpot with my family 🙂


Appreciate my dad for being such a constant figure of stability in my life. Blessed with good parents who provide and care for us in the best way they can and know how to. I never doubt their love for me and helps me to understand how much more my heavenly Father loves me. One time the Lord spoke to me how much He loves me through this verse.

“When my father and my mother forsake me,
Then the Lord will take care of me.” Ps 27:10

I began to have an insight of the depth of his love for me. I know my parents will never forsake me. But I understood that even if I ever experience rejection from them, the Father’s love for me is so deep and He will never forsake me. Indeed we can never fully comprehend with our finite mind the depths of the Father’s love for us. We need regular encounters with Him and revelations of His love for us, so that we will never leave our first love for Him and forget how much He loves us.