Celebrating our 8th Valentine’s Day

We had a simple dinner at Museo at Sentosa Cove. It was my first time at Sentosa Cove and it is quite a lovely and quiet place. Sentosa has always been a special place for us as this is the place where we first met and got to know each other during a church youth camp.

It was a Mon night (17 Feb). We chose not to celebrate on the actual day itself as it would cost so much more to eat out on that day. Also, the last week had been pretty hectic for both of us at work.  I had purchased a Museo groupon deal so we had good food at a nice place and at a reasonable cost. Ivan had cod fish and I had steak. As it was a Monday night, it was pretty quiet at the restaurant and we were able to enjoy nice view and ambience.

museo  20140218-233939.jpg





There is much to be thankful for as we celebrate our 8th valentine’s together. 8 years together is not a very long time, but it is still a significant amount of time to have shared your life with someone. We are grateful to the Lord for bringing us together and for His grace that has kept us through the ups and downs of life the past 8 years. We are thankful for the shared experiences and look forward to more to come as we continue to journey together as a couple and family.

It was nice to have some quiet moments we can spend as a couple, though it was only for about 2 hours before we had to hurry to my parent’s place to pick up Daniel and bring him home. After dinner, we had some yummy gelato from Note di Sicilia and took a leisurely walk along the waterfront admiring the lovely yachts parked at the marina. It was a simple yet special moment to remember – just enjoying each other’s company and being away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while. I really enjoyed the tranquility of the night especially after a long and hectic day at work.







Birthday date at Dozo

This is our second time back at Dozo. The first time was on Valentine’s Day in 2011. Obviously the food was good enough for us to decide to come back a second time. It was the birthday boy’s choice. He has been wanting to come back again for some time and we finally had the chance.

This time we came for lunch. Dozo serves French-Jap fusion food. For lunch, they serve a 6 course lunch and for dinner 7 course. Diners get to select from various options for each course. Here’s a glimpse of what we ate.
My favourite for the night were the escargots and the crab bisque which were really yummy and rich in flavour. Ivan of course ordered the lava cake which he loves and which has since set the benchmark for all other lava cakes!

Complimentary drinks to start off the 6 course lunch:


First course for me and him:


2nd course: Escargots for me and Soft shell crab for Ivan

20131121-090103.jpg 20131121-090302.jpg

3rd course: I chose Crab Bisque and Ivan chose Clam soup.



Fourth course: My duck and his Kurubuta Pork.

20131121-090324.jpg   20131121-090340.jpg

5th course: Matcha ice-cream and Lava cake

20131121-090413.jpg  20131121-090423.jpg

6th course: Ice Fruit tea


After that, we went to catch Thor:The dark world. Pretty much enjoyed the movie though it was more of Ivan’s kind of movie.

Dozo Restaurant

#02-02/03, Valley Point Shopping Centre, 491 River Valley Road

An interesting and meaningful National Day

KDF Outreach

On Fri, we were up early as we had to be at KDF Bishan by 830 for our outreach. We were all decked in red in the National Day Spirit. Spent a heartwarming morning reaching out to the patients and encouraging them. What a meaningful way to spend National Day. Was really blessed to be able to be a blessing to the community. Great too that we were able to participate in this as a cell group.

IMG_1934   IMG_1935

IMG_1940     IMG_1946

Steph’s birthday celebration

After that, we proceeded for lunch at Bishan Park. Found this restaurant called ‘The Cornerstone’! We had tried making reservations at ‘Grub’ and ‘Garden Canopy’ but was not successful. Food was not too bad 🙂

After lunch, we went exploring around Bishan Park. It was my first time at Bishan Park and it was quite a lovely find in this part of the island which I hardly explore. It is quite a big park … we were only in Bishan Park 2. It was a pretty sight to behold … with the ponds, shrubs and river plains. Too bad Daniel wasn’t with us…. but he had his own exciting programme with grandparents  today – zoo and NDP!

IMG_1963 IMG_2074

IMG_2083 IMG_2091


IMG_2099 IMG_2109 IMG_2133

Movie date

Since Daniel had his own programme with grandparents, it was a great opportunity for Ivan and I to go on our own date. We wanted to catch the last few showings of Indespicable Me 2. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out. In the end, we watched Smurfs 2. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Thought that it was a nice movie with themes that I enjoyed – identity, family and the father figure. Ivan found it boring and said he almost fell asleep!

What a day! Nice to be toddler-free for a day 🙂

Valentine’s Day 2013

This year,we decided to celebrate V day on the 2nd day of CNY. For me, it was probably one of the few bright sparks of CNY. Those who know me will know that CNY has never been my favourite season. This year, coming so close after the miscarriage, the prospect of having to do social visits felt all the more tedious and dreaded. But felt better after griping about it with my cell and felt more courageous to face CNY. After cell meeting last week, a few of them stayed back to comfort me as I went though one of the most difficult periods of my life after the second miscarriage. That’s what family is for!

Anyway, enjoyed the break from the CNY festivities. We went to Vivocity – caught a movie – Ah Boys to Men 2. Was a hilarious movie that cheered me up and brought my mood up by notches!
After that, had my all time favourite cuisine – Japanese food for dinner. We had dinner at Shin Kushiya and tried some of the skewers which was their speciality. Quite yummy 🙂

All too soon, it was time to pick Daniel up from my in-laws and head home for his bedtime. Was a simple celebration but definitely a much welcomed date after what we had gone through the past two weeks.

On the actual day itself, Ivan sent a bouquet of red roses – the first time he has bought red roses for me and the biggest bouquet by far 🙂 I totally wasn’t expecting it so it was really a wonderful surprise. Brought me much joy whenever I look at it in office. I love flowers 🙂

Also, my husband’s V day gift to me this year is a Dolce Gusto piccolo as requested by me. So glad he is finally beginning to support my passion for coffee, albeit grudgingly!