Making a hand bouquet

Really attracted to a groupon deal for a floral arrangement class on making a hand bouquet. Started looking for someone to attend with me. Sadly, not many were interested. So I was quite surprised when my sister Adora was actually agreeable to going with me. Not sure if she was really interested or just being a good sister to accompany her big sister!

Anyway, it was quite a nice experience.

It was a rough start though. It was pouring that day and the place was so difficult to find. It was in some ulu building in Moutbatten which was quite difficult to access and we had difficulty locating the place. Ended up about 25 min late. And when I stepped in, I half regretted my decision. Certainly, it was not quite what I had envisioned a floral arrangement class to be. Firstly, the room was cramped and there was not much working space. Secondly, they were actually using the premises of a tuition centre. Thirdly, the instructor was a guy who could not speak English very well!!

After I got over these gripes, the class was actually quite enjoyable. The instructor and his assistant (both guys) were quite patient and approachable. The steps were simple enough to follow. And how could anyone stay grumpy for long looking at lovely red roses 🙂 The company was good too. Adora was very accommodating of all my silly questions and comments and it was quite fun to attend a class together with my sister 🙂

Felt very happy with myself for making a decent hand bouquet and enjoyed going for class together with my dear sister. Also a fresh love for flowers!! Didn’t realise I love flowers so much and felt very rejuvenated by the whole experience. It ‘s always nice to learn something new as well I guess 🙂

Flowers1             Flowers2