Baking Therapy 2 Feb 13

Another belated post but a memorable experience that I am determined to capture on blog.

Appreciate so much my dear sister Pris and dear cell leader Lee Lee who came over to cheer me up when I was feeling down. We decided to try baking. I am not much into baking but decided to give it a try just for fun 🙂

It was quite an enjoyable afternoon. First time I experienced that baking can be therapeutic. For the first time, baking was just for simply enjoying the process. There was no stress to churn out cookies for Christmas or New Year and hence not in the ‘factory mood’. So there was no pressure. We decided to try scones as it seem simple enough and delightful for afternoon tea.

Our first attempt was a failure 😦 But my resourceful sister saved the day by finding a YouTube video recipe which was quite idiot proof to follow, so the second attempt was a success!

Lee Lee was diligently making her jam. Never expected her to think of making her own jam from scratch but it was a fantastic idea. First time I had yummy WARM strawberry jam!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful afternoon tea – scone with jam and hot tea. The only think we lacked was a nice tea set!

Above all, appreciate the company and am thankful for family and friends for always being there through thick and thin.

As I write about this, I am reminded of the video item both of them and a few others did for our wedding years ago. They sang and recorded the song ‘I will be your friend’ by Michael W Smith, one of my favourites.

“I’ll be your friend for a lifetime
Against the wind and the rain of every season
Won’t walk away in the hard time
I will be your friend
I’m saying I will be your friend”

Thank God for friends 🙂