Christmas cookoff

This is a much belated post but one that I must definitely do!

Christmas 2013 was spent with cell group. This year, we had a food/cooking competition. It was a potluck format where everyone had to bring a dish, with the option of either cooking it or buying it from somewhere. Each person got to pick an invitation card with a specific food category (eg. Meat, dessert, veg) that they had to prepare. The dish also had to be in line with the theme Christmas/Western. There would be prizes for Best Chef and Most popular dish so as to recognize efforts to cook as well as effort to source out and bring a really tasty dish.

christmas card 2  christmas card

What was amazing was that 90% of the dishes were cooked with love by our cell members. A lot of effort went into each and every one of the dishes. Most of the time these days for potluck, we just da bao something out of convenience. Guess the competitive element helped to motivate us all to cook something. I like what one of them said – that he would rather attempt something and have it fail rather than just simply buy something. And it turned out that his dish was quite a hit! So the event was a successful one because everyone participated. The dish that was bought were really good too!

Cell cookoff 2

christmas cookoff

The food category that I picked was vegetable!! Not my favourite food and not easy to make it shine ….. how to win with a vegetable dish?? Nonetheless, I tried my best and was quite pleased that I managed to do a yummy coleslaw – almost like the one at KFC. My dish did not win but it was quite palatable and enjoyable and I was happy with it 🙂 I used this recipe. There was a lot of love that went into it for sure! Was quite sick during that week and had contemplated abandoning the dish. But decided to do it anyway donning a mask and all. Glad I managed to pull off quite a pleasant dish in the end.

Cell cookoff 3

My husband won the best chef. He picked meat and chose to do ribs. Good choice! It was a winner! Not bad considering that this is the first time he is cooking ribs.

Cell cookoff 4

After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon exchanging gifts and chillaxing over card games.

What a lovely Christmas day spent with my spiritual family!

Cell cookoff 1

Daniel turns 3

Daniel turned 3 this week. How time flies! Looking through snapshots of him over the last 3 years really brought back fond memories. How quickly kids grow up! Really need to cherish every moment of their growing years and create many wonderful memories.

We decided not to have a party since he does not have many friends and a party would just be for the adults. Maybe next time when he has more friends to invite. Nonetheless, we had a great time celebrating with family and friends which made it a very memorable occasion. We are thankful to be able to celebrate with our family and close friends and we were much blessed by their prayers and gifts. Daniel sure enjoyed himself …..being able to sing the birthday song and blow candles a few times with different groups and he enjoyed his many new toys.

Highlights of his birthday this year:

photo (3)

IMG_3393 IMG_3392

IMG_3352  IMG_3349

IMG_3335 IMG_3351

Playing with the game Shane and Anne gave him … his expressions!

IMG_3368 IMG_3367

IMG_3363 IMG_3315

Belated Father’s Day dinner

We had a belated Father’s Day celebration 2 Sundays ago. Was a simple celebration at my place with both our families.

Decided to go for home-cooked style and get all of us kids together to prepare a meal for the Daddies. Everything, from the main course to dessert was all home-made, except for the ice-cream!

This was the menu for the night:

– Salad

– Steak and Chicken Chop

– Cream pasta

– Butter raisin rice.

– Brownie and vanilla ice-cream

– Honey Lemon drink

Ivan and I prepared the rice, salad, steak and chicken. My sisters did the brownie. Gavan and Gina did the cream pasta. I was quite amazed that it only took us about 3 hrs in all to do up everything. The wonders of teamwork. It was good to see everyone contributing to the dinner.

After dinner, our parents relaxed – watch TV and played with Daniel. We played card games. Opened our new game Bang! We had an expert in the midst of us for this game – Gina! There was some initial lethargy to learn a new game with all the new terms. This game has a lot of terms that takes a while to get familiar with. Took some time to learn the various terms and functions of the card. We played 2 rounds – most of us (especially me and Pris) were quite blur during the first round. But after getting the hang of it, it is actually quite fun 🙂

Was a fun evening! Hope the Dads enjoyed the dinner 🙂

adora bake sistersbake


Mothers’ Day 2013

Was a lovely Mothers’ Day weekend. Would have been better if not for a nasty flu which made me feel miserable. Nevertheless, it really was a lovely weekend. We did not really celebrate it as we would be having our celebrations next week. But we stayed over at my parents’ place to keep Pris company while the rest of the family was away in Japan for a holiday. So it felt like a mini vacation of some sorts. Got to spend more time with Pris as she is now on no pay leave and at Bible school. Had a nice chat with her while Daniel was sleeping in between her trying to do her assignments. After that we went for a simple zi char dinner at Tampines. At night, after Daniel had fallen asleep, Ivan, Pris and I played with the new card game we bought – Lemonade Stand. Then we decided to sleep early as we had to wake up early to attend first service. Had a great time catching up with my sister. Ever since I got married, moved out and she got so busy with her work, rarely have time to just sit and chat for extended periods. So I really cherish such times.


First time receiving Mothers’ day gifts from Daniel, thanks to hardworking teachers from his childcare and Sunday school class.

20130521-141303.jpg           photo

On the day itself, we also had a ‘Celebrate Ties’ Sunday in church where there were lots of photo booths set up. Our cell group took a pic together to celebrate tis spiritual family we have.


Lee Lee did this for me too:


Also planned a mothers’ day celebration event for our mummies. Decided to do it a week after to avoid the crowd. Also because my family was away for holiday on the actual weekend itself.
We went to see the Tulipmania at Gardens followed by family dinner at Peach Garden noodle house at super tree dining. The tulips were pretty. My only gripe was that it was too crowded. There was a queue to buy tickets and a queue to enter the tulip area to see the tulips.

The food was quite good and did not take that long either, considering the crowd. The highlight of the dinner were the desserts served in coconut. Yummy! Too bad I forgot to take a pic of it.

20130521-142254.jpg      20130521-142254.jpg

20130521-142406.jpg 20130521-142326.jpg

IMG_0220 IMG_0244

IMG_0247 IMG_0249

A laughing good time

Last week’s cell meeting was slightly different from the norm. We had potluck and a time of fellowship. Had 2 guests with us too.

After dinner, we had a cosy time of just chatting with one another and singing our favourite old songs with some fellas on the guitar and one on the piano. Atmosphere was really warm 🙂

After that, we decided to play a game. It was a game I had bought for Ivan a few years ago for his birthday but we never got the opportunity to play it. It’s a large group game called “Left brain, Right brain”.

The concept of the game is broken telephone cum win/lose/draw. The idea was to pass a message down through drawing- the next person would guess the phrase – the next person draw – and this goes on and the final person will say out the final message.

It was totally hilarious as the message, needless to say, gets absolutely distorted when it got to the last person!

Took some photos to remember these funny moments!

‘A white jacket is a magnet for spaghetti sauce’ ended with ‘Favourite food of bridegroom stain on his shoulder.’


‘If you are rich you still need toilet paper.’ became ‘Paying for a packet of donuts.’



Lessons from playing Candy Crush

Love this so much and thought that it is so true!

My entire family and extended family, except for my in-laws and Daniel are so into Candy Crush! Notice I did not used the word addicted cos we are not! Anyway, in my family, I am currently at the lowest level at 87 😦 Gavan is leading the way at 275! My parents are way above me!!!

I thought this is interesting cos, some of these thoughts are going through my mind as I am playing it!

1) Persistence – totally agree with this one! There are so many times i felt like giving up this because it is so frustrating when you are stuck at a level. Been stuck at a level for weeks and it just seems so hard to breakthrough and efforts seem so futile. Why do i keep going ….if others can….i am not ready to admit i am not as good as them.

2) You won’t always understand what’s going on. Agreed. Sometimes, I don’t understand these game at all. Things seem so random and unpredictable.

3) Ask friends for help. I don’t like asking people for help. But no choice cos i need ticket.

And my friend added one more. To quote her ‘The worse feeling in candy crush is just missing to clear one more jelly and your moves are up and you are thinking, oh, I came so far and close to clearing a level and now have to start all over again!’

All in, I am still playing as it is fun when everyone around u is also into it. I love doing thing with others and connecting in this way and identifying in the ‘trials’ of being stuck at a level!