Post KI outing to the Gardens

15 March 2014

Felt guilty that we had been so busy with KI that had not have a chance to bring Daniel for any outing this Mar holidays. Hence, it was quite an impromptu and unplanned decision ….decided to bring Daniel to Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay. We have so much about it but have not been there. We had quite a fun morning. The dry play area is quite big. Lots of space to run around, lots of stuff to climb and explore too. And after that, while Daniel played at the water playground, we just relaxed as he self-entertained 🙂 Nice relaxing morning after a busy week!



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Mothers’ Day 2013

Was a lovely Mothers’ Day weekend. Would have been better if not for a nasty flu which made me feel miserable. Nevertheless, it really was a lovely weekend. We did not really celebrate it as we would be having our celebrations next week. But we stayed over at my parents’ place to keep Pris company while the rest of the family was away in Japan for a holiday. So it felt like a mini vacation of some sorts. Got to spend more time with Pris as she is now on no pay leave and at Bible school. Had a nice chat with her while Daniel was sleeping in between her trying to do her assignments. After that we went for a simple zi char dinner at Tampines. At night, after Daniel had fallen asleep, Ivan, Pris and I played with the new card game we bought – Lemonade Stand. Then we decided to sleep early as we had to wake up early to attend first service. Had a great time catching up with my sister. Ever since I got married, moved out and she got so busy with her work, rarely have time to just sit and chat for extended periods. So I really cherish such times.


First time receiving Mothers’ day gifts from Daniel, thanks to hardworking teachers from his childcare and Sunday school class.

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On the day itself, we also had a ‘Celebrate Ties’ Sunday in church where there were lots of photo booths set up. Our cell group took a pic together to celebrate tis spiritual family we have.


Lee Lee did this for me too:


Also planned a mothers’ day celebration event for our mummies. Decided to do it a week after to avoid the crowd. Also because my family was away for holiday on the actual weekend itself.
We went to see the Tulipmania at Gardens followed by family dinner at Peach Garden noodle house at super tree dining. The tulips were pretty. My only gripe was that it was too crowded. There was a queue to buy tickets and a queue to enter the tulip area to see the tulips.

The food was quite good and did not take that long either, considering the crowd. The highlight of the dinner were the desserts served in coconut. Yummy! Too bad I forgot to take a pic of it.

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