Disappointing Kite Festival

We went to check out the Kite Festival held at the Tampines open field last Sunday. We were hoping to catch some nice kite displays and to be able to fly our kites too. We sensed something was amiss as we were driving towards the place. Usually, you would be able to see many kites in the area for a distance, however, that evening, the sky was almost empty except for a few kites which were barely visible. The place was crowded as usual, but we also noticed many people going off, though it was quite early in the evening. We soon understood why.

There was hardly any wind and difficult to get the kites up. Even if they did go up, they could not go up very high.

We waited for a while, hoping that it would get windy enough for the kites to go up. However, after waiting for about an hour under the blazing heat, we decided to leave.

The only consolation was that we managed to catch a beautiful rainbow which appeared for a while. And a chance to snap some shots with our new camera.

IMG_0736 IMG_0735 IMG_0729 IMG_0722 IMG_0717 IMG_0719 IMG_0713 IMG_0709 IMG_0707