Pregnancy Diary

Am finally writing about my pregnancy! Been rather inactive on the blog for some time.

It was near impossible to write during my first trimester. In fact, there were lots of things that were difficult to do, including reading and even browsing on my tablet.

This pregnancy is certainly more challenging than when I was expecting Daniel. I had nausea which lasted into mid second trimester. And I actually puked many times! Worse still, I kept coming down with cough and was coughing almost all through first and beginning of second trimester. Thank God I finally stopped falling ill in July. I could barely do much from April to July and was exhausted most of the time. Felt really unproductive. I am someone who likes to be up and about and it did not feel good to be so tired most of the time. I had to encourage myself to lift my spirits.

Thank God things got better from July onwards. The fatigue started to lift a little and it became much easier to function. Really thankful to God for a stable pregnancy. We are so much more prayerful this time round and do not take it for granted that everything will be ok. These last 2 months have been good, both at work and at home. Managed to get quite a bit done and also to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Am at week 28 now and counting down another 10 weeks more to baby’s arrival. Still lots to do and time is passing quite fast!

Am praying that I don’t experience some of the discomfort I did during the third trimester when I was expecting Daniel. Eg. leg cramps at night, numbness in left hand when I woke up in the morning, bleeding gums, water retention. Taking more care also in these areas. Went to see the dentist few weeks back and also brushing my teeth and gums more thoroughly. Though I am not naturally a side sleeper, I am trying to sleep on my side as much as possible to improve blood circulation. I have a habit of drinking a lot of water at night which I am trying to cut as well to reduce the water retention.

Praying that my energy level continues to remain good and that third trimester will be a bliss! And of course committing my fears on the delivery – though it’s an elective c-section to the Lord. Last week, we had to sign forms for the operation and it spelled out all the risks involved and it’s kind of scary! Previously, it was an emergency c-section and I signed the papers without my glasses on, so not so aware and did not have time to worry about the risks! Lots of things to worry about at every juncture but really learning how to commit them to the Lord in prayer and to trust and have faith in Him. Believing that He is a faithful God who will see me through!

Will be trying to catch up on blogging as there are so many things and moments during the last 2 months which I wish to capture on record before my memory fades!