Sentosa Staycation Jun 2014

Due to the pregnancy, I am grounded and unable to take the plane for this year (we did not want to take any unnecessary risks). Hence for the Jun holidays, it was just a one night staycation at Sentosa during the weekend as Ivan just had his long mc due to his fracture and could not take more leave.

It was short but fun. Thank God that we were all well. For the past few months, Daniel and I have been taking turns to come down with cough which was really irritating and quite disruptive to our lives! This time round, we stayed at Amara Sanctuary Resort. Was in quite a relax mode, so did not take many pictures.

We started the staycation with the Dora the Explorer Musical showing at Resorts World. Although he is a boy, Daniel’s all-time favourite is Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego. He was all so excited and really enjoyed the musical. Personally, I was quite bored and almost fell asleep halfway! He liked it so much that he cried when the show ended!

We checked into the hotel and the boy had his afternoon nap while we just chillaxed in the hotel room.

When he woke up and we wanted to go out, it was pouring! We waited for the hotel shuttle bus. By the time the bus came, the rain was getting lighter, so we decided to head down to Palawan Beach. Happened to bump into a friend who works in Sentosa and he recommended us quite a yummy zi char stall at the Palawan Beach food court! We had rice and a few dishes and the food was really yummy! It was already dark by the time we reached Palawan Beach but we decided to spent the next morning here.

The next morning, we had breakfast at MacDonald’s and then headed down to Palawan Beach. Spent a good part of the morning having fun with sand and water play. We built a sand castle. We tried walking back to our hotel and realised that it was just a 10 minute walk from the beach! We headed back and spent some time at the hotel swimming pool before checking out.

After checking out, we walked to Palawan beach again and brought the boy for activities at the Playmobil event going on at the same time- story telling, dancing and playpit. What I found really cool was that we did not have to pay at all for the entire morning’s activities!

After lunch, we watched the bird show near the beach and headed home.

I was exhausted but happy 🙂 Really thank the Lord for His goodness. Though I can’t travel and this family staycation is really short, we did have quite a fun time together as a family.

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Celebrating our 8th Valentine’s Day

We had a simple dinner at Museo at Sentosa Cove. It was my first time at Sentosa Cove and it is quite a lovely and quiet place. Sentosa has always been a special place for us as this is the place where we first met and got to know each other during a church youth camp.

It was a Mon night (17 Feb). We chose not to celebrate on the actual day itself as it would cost so much more to eat out on that day. Also, the last week had been pretty hectic for both of us at work.  I had purchased a Museo groupon deal so we had good food at a nice place and at a reasonable cost. Ivan had cod fish and I had steak. As it was a Monday night, it was pretty quiet at the restaurant and we were able to enjoy nice view and ambience.

museo  20140218-233939.jpg





There is much to be thankful for as we celebrate our 8th valentine’s together. 8 years together is not a very long time, but it is still a significant amount of time to have shared your life with someone. We are grateful to the Lord for bringing us together and for His grace that has kept us through the ups and downs of life the past 8 years. We are thankful for the shared experiences and look forward to more to come as we continue to journey together as a couple and family.

It was nice to have some quiet moments we can spend as a couple, though it was only for about 2 hours before we had to hurry to my parent’s place to pick up Daniel and bring him home. After dinner, we had some yummy gelato from Note di Sicilia and took a leisurely walk along the waterfront admiring the lovely yachts parked at the marina. It was a simple yet special moment to remember – just enjoying each other’s company and being away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while. I really enjoyed the tranquility of the night especially after a long and hectic day at work.







SEA Aquarium

We visited SEA Aquarium last Sat. It was actually a belated birthday treat for Lee Lee. We had to postpone it in March as Daniel was sick. We finally managed to find another date we all could make it .

We spent the whole morning there. There was lots to see. I certainly did not expect to be able to spend such a long time there. Walking in, there was lots to see…..exhibits on life in various port cities.

Another thing which I did not expect was the crowd! There were lots of people and there was a long queue to go into the aquarium. Inside, there were people everywhere.

Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting visit. Loved the section displaying the shipwreck. Saw lots of different species of fish and sea creatures. Other memorable sights for me include the razor fish, starfish, jellyfish, octopus, reef sharks and sting rays. Was a pleasant outing with great company.

We finished viewing close to 2pm and headed to Chili’s for a late lunch. It was still packed, even at 2pm, and we waited a while for seats. But it was worth the wait cos the food was good!

Hope Lee Lee enjoyed her belated birthday treat as much as we did. My only complain is the throngs of crowds. But that is something I have to accept as part of living in Singapore it seems!

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