5th Anniversary celebration

We had planned to celebrate our anniversary on the Vesak Day public holiday and to leave Daniel with either of our parents

As it turned out, Ivan’s parents were going for a short vacation to Hanoi and my parents had a lunch engagement. Thus, it looked like our anniversary celebration would have to include Daniel and it would be more like a family outing on this public holiday!

Anyway, my plans for the day were ruined due to the rain. I had planned to bring Daniel to see the horses at Pasir Ris stable and also for a swim at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex where there were pretty cool slides. Ivan suggested going to the Science Centre. I reluctantly agreed as I had no better plan. Since young, I have never been a fan of Science centre as I am no Science lover and the exhibits there never really excite me.

So we set off the Science centre which was far far away in the West. On the way, my mum whatsapped me to say they would be back mid afternoon and could help look after Daniel. Adora was also in and she could help watch him while he napped before they returned. We gladly decided to take up the proposal.

Science Centre was pretty enjoyable. I saw my favourite exhibition since young – the one with the chicks hatching. Yup – that’s the only exhibit that excites me since young. The others were interesting enough. There were some up to date information on the recent natural disasters, the exhibits and write-ups on the body and genes were also interesting. It was also interesting for Daniel as there were lots of stuff for him to touch and play with though he may not understand much.

IMG_0387             IMG_0389 IMG_0393              IMG_0412 IMG_0421 IMG_0435 IMG_0438 IMG_0448               IMG_0452

Daniel was so tired that he fell into a deep sleep on the way to my parents’ place after lunch. He did not stir even when we carried him up and changed his diapers. We left him with my sister and took off for our couple time! It is rare indeed to have a good half the day left to spend together. Usually, if we do go out, it would be a quick movie after dinner and then have to rush back to pick Daniel up and bring him home for bed.

There was not much that we were interested in watching at the movies, so we decided to head down to Orchard for shopping. Haven’t been to Orchard for ages so I was quite excited about it. Also, it was the long weekend and there were some sales going on. I needed new shoes. Also looking for a new work bag for Ivan. The one I got him for V day this year broke barely 2 months into use 😦 ….so wanted to replace it with a new one.

First stop – chill out at Coffee Bean at 313 Orchard. I got my ice Latte. Ivan got a tea latte and a brownie to share.


After my caffeine shot, I was ready to shop. We headed to OG which was having 20% storewide. Spent a good amount of time there. Found 2 pairs of shoes and a bag that Ivan liked. Decided to check out Robinsons to see if there were better discounts before getting them.

We didn’t find much at Robinsons except some pretty placemats. Wandered by chance into a GAP store having a sale and found a pair of pants for just $30! We headed back to OG and got my shoes. Ivan still wanted to look around for a bag that he really liked. My husband is pretty picky and has to find a bag that he really really likes! I thought the selection at OG and Robinsons were pretty good compared to other departmental stores. But he still can’t find his bag!! He said that a bag is not important to him but since I want to get him one, it has to be something he really likes! What sort of logic is that??

We had dinner at a nice Ramen restaurant in OG that we happened to come across. It’s called Hachifukumaru. It really is a hidden find. The Ramen there is really yummy – one of the best I have eaten in Singapore.

IMG_2116 IMG_2117

IMG_2119 IMG_2122

We continued with our shopping after dinner. Went to check out H&M. I have heard much about it but never had the chance to check it out. Love the style. It’s similar to cotton on – trendy, stylish, casual and affordable. And they women’s, men’s and even kids’ collection I am wondering why their ads are so provocative when their clothes are actually pretty decent.

We headed for our last stop which is Takashimaya and I am hoping and praying that Ivan can find his bag here!! He took a long time here but he did find his bag!!

Was a really enjoyable day and we had a good time enjoying one another’s company without Daniel around. Really thank God for giving us half a day by ourselves to celebrate our 5th anniversary 🙂 Am grateful to my parents and sister Adora for babysitting Daniel and making this day possible!


Some interesting sightings at OG Orchard and Robinsons:

IMG_2105 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2109