Busy days at work

It has been crazy the past few weeks at work. Surge of cases which require attention and some case management. Felt really drained by the end of the week and felt so tired from all the giving and there was some transference too of emotions from the clients.

But the Lord encouraged me with this verse:
“The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself.” Provb 11:25

Last night, during cell meeting, was also encouraged by this thought during worship that the Lord truly delights to use us and to work through us, with all our flaws and limitation. And it was just such an awesome thought that blew my mind – that an awesome God who is all powerful and omnipotent would desire to co-labour with us and work through us.

I am reminded to do everything for the Lord and to believe that He is with me even as I help students in this helping profession where often times it seems that there is so much giving of yourself that it is so tiring. And He will continue to fill me as I come to Him even as I give and pour out into lives.

Am also learning that even as we do everything as unto Him, no matter big or small, He sees. Was so touched a few weeks ago, when I was so sick and struggled with some ministry stuff. And after that just heard the whisper of the Father saying : ” I appreciated your labour.” I am really slowly beginning to understand more what it means to serve Him and to look to Him for affirmation.

Steven Curtis Chapman – Do Everything