Celebrating our 8th Valentine’s Day

We had a simple dinner at Museo at Sentosa Cove. It was my first time at Sentosa Cove and it is quite a lovely and quiet place. Sentosa has always been a special place for us as this is the place where we first met and got to know each other during a church youth camp.

It was a Mon night (17 Feb). We chose not to celebrate on the actual day itself as it would cost so much more to eat out on that day. Also, the last week had been pretty hectic for both of us at work.  I had purchased a Museo groupon deal so we had good food at a nice place and at a reasonable cost. Ivan had cod fish and I had steak. As it was a Monday night, it was pretty quiet at the restaurant and we were able to enjoy nice view and ambience.

museo  20140218-233939.jpg





There is much to be thankful for as we celebrate our 8th valentine’s together. 8 years together is not a very long time, but it is still a significant amount of time to have shared your life with someone. We are grateful to the Lord for bringing us together and for His grace that has kept us through the ups and downs of life the past 8 years. We are thankful for the shared experiences and look forward to more to come as we continue to journey together as a couple and family.

It was nice to have some quiet moments we can spend as a couple, though it was only for about 2 hours before we had to hurry to my parent’s place to pick up Daniel and bring him home. After dinner, we had some yummy gelato from Note di Sicilia and took a leisurely walk along the waterfront admiring the lovely yachts parked at the marina. It was a simple yet special moment to remember – just enjoying each other’s company and being away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while. I really enjoyed the tranquility of the night especially after a long and hectic day at work.