BFF’s wedding 14 Dec 13

One of my best friends was married last week. Really such a joy and privilege to be able to be part of the wedding entourage. And am indeed honoured to be her only ‘jie mei’. Am so happy that she found a good husband. The feeling of your best friend – one whom you have known since secondary school getting married is rather overwhelming. I remember times in the past, when we were just secondary school girls, talking about our future Prince Charming. So glad she finally found hers! Before I left for her place in the morning, spent some time praying for her and for God’s grace to cover the event. And God is so faithful. The weather was so beautiful until the event was over in the afternoon and it started to pour. And there was a wonderful atmosphere during the whole day’s event.

20131224-123241.jpg  20131224-123300.jpg